Mackies – Honeycomb dairy milk chocolate (120g)

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Mackie’s Honeycomb chocolate is deliciously smooth and creamy milk chocolate with crunchy honeycomb pieces.

Mackie’s chocolate is made in Scotland and the honeycomb pieces are made in the sweetie kitchen on our farm. The honeycomb is carefully made in small batches, following a secret procedure and at carefully measured boiling temperatures, to ensure the perfect crunch as part of Mackie’s promise on taste, ingredients and provenance.

All of the ingredients are natural and GM-free and have been carefully selected to provide the perfect balance and a smooth creamy finish.

Mackie’s Honeycomb Milk chocolate is easily recognised with the golden packs, special swirly cow design, in 120 gram sized bar with a convenient re-sealable wrapper for you to enjoy every little chunk now, or later, if you can resist the temptation to eat it all at once.

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