Campervan Road Trip – Loch Ness to Isle of Skye

Campervan Road Trip – Loch Ness to Isle of Skye

Embarking on an Epic Adventure

Forget the North Coast 500 – the journey from Loch Ness to the Isle of Skye is just as spectacular, if not more so. This was the route we decided to take for part two of our honeymoon road trip through the Scottish Highlands. (You can read about part one, our journey from Loch Lomond to Glencoe, here.)

We set aside 72 hours to explore this stunning region, from the legendary Loch Ness all the way to the otherworldly Isle of Skye and back again. Along the way, we encountered breathtaking lochs, charming villages, historic ruins, and some rather amusing mishaps with our campervan’s exhaust. But hey, that’s all part of the adventure, right?

Loch Ness Calling

After a wet and windy night spent wild camping on the roadside with the mighty Ben Nevis looming in the background, we decided an early start was in order. With no real plans, we headed to the town of Fort William, stocking up on supplies before spending some time exploring the town center and the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre.

Ah, the exhaust – that pesky hole just wouldn’t seem to stay patched! Gav made yet another valiant attempt to fix it, this time with tuna fish tin lids and a Coke can, but alas, it was no use. With time ticking on, we regrettably had to abandon our plans to tackle the Ben Nevis hike.

Instead, we hopped back in the van and followed the winding C 1162 road along the River Nevis, eventually parking up when it became too narrow for our camper. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll by the river before hitting the road again, this time heading north on the A82.

Crossing to the Isle of Skye

As we drove, the scenery only became more mesmerizing. We passed Loch Lochy (seriously, how many lochs can one country have?) and turned west onto the A87 at Invergarry. The shimmering waters of Loch Garry and Loch Loyne had us pulling over to soak up the tranquil evening atmosphere. We ended up staying the night parked right next to Loch Loyne, enjoying the peaceful solitude.

The next morning, we continued our journey, crossing the iconic Skye Bridge and entering a whole new world. The Isle of Skye has a distinct, almost otherworldly feel to it – time seems to slow down, and there’s an undeniable air of ancient magic. We drove on, our trusty (but noisy) camper bouncing along the narrow streets of Portree.

Exploring the Misty Isle

Our first stop on Skye was the Old Man of Storr, a dramatic rock formation that is a must-see for any visitor. We were lucky to find a parking spot and join the crowds of hikers making their way up the trail. The views from the top were simply breathtaking.

As we continued our journey around the northern tip of the island, the weather turned a bit fickle, with a light drizzle that had our windshield wipers hypnotizing us into a trance-like state. But the moody conditions only added to the allure of this enchanting place.

We circled the island, stopping to admire the majestic Dun Beag Broch, the remains of an Iron Age hilltop fortress. Each turn in the road offered up a new vista, with Trudi’s camera working overtime to capture the ever-changing light and landscapes.

Reaching the Mainland

Reluctantly, we had to leave the Isle of Skye, crossing back over the bridge to the mainland. As dusk fell, we found a cozy spot to park up for the night in the village of Drumnadrochit, nestled along the shores of Loch Ness.

In the morning, we excitedly set out to search for the elusive Loch Ness Monster. Alas, our quest was not to be – Nessie evaded us once more. But no matter, we were content just to soak up the iconic atmosphere of this legendary loch.

Homeward Bound

As we continued our drive south, we couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible journey we’d just experienced. From the rugged peaks of the Highlands to the moody, mystical Isle of Skye, we had been utterly captivated by the raw beauty of this part of Scotland.

Sure, our camper may have sounded like a Chieftain tank the whole way home, but that just added to the memories. We had well and truly fallen under the spell of the Scottish Highlands, and we knew we’d be back again soon to explore even more of this enchanting land.

So, if you’re planning your own campervan adventure in Scotland, be sure to add the Loch Ness to Isle of Skye route to your itinerary. Trust us, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. And who knows, you might even spot Nessie along the way!

To start planning your own Scottish Highlands getaway, head on over to our website and check out the wide range of campsites and facilities we have to offer. Your next epic road trip awaits!

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