Camping Breakfast Ideas Beyond Cereal and Granola Bars

Camping Breakfast Ideas Beyond Cereal and Granola Bars

Conquering the Campsite Breakfast Conundrum

Ah, the great outdoors. Nothing gets you out there and, just, in it more than camping. Our family loves it. Often, people who love camping start out in tents when they’re younger, then upgrade and eventually find themselves in a big ol’ RV. But it’s actually been the reverse for us. When our daughter was born, we owned a travel trailer – but we were too chicken to take an infant camping. So we sold the trailer. But after a couple of years, we missed camping! We lack the space for parking an RV at our current house, so last summer, we picked up a tent on a whim and headed to a nearby state park. I was a little worried about going back to basics, but armed with a couple of airbeds and and a sense of adventure, we had a ton of fun – our adventurous daughter most of all. The day we got home, I planned our next trip – and so it went. So I guess now we are officially tent campers!

Once the issue of shelter was out of the way, I started thinking about vegan camping food. As fans of camping know, part of the fun of camping is the food! But for vegans, finding vegan camping food ideas that are easy to cook in camp can be a challenge. Campfires aren’t always allowed in campgrounds around here, so we often rely on our camp stove and portable grill to cook meals. But it’s way more fun to cook over the fire, so we’re trying to do that a little more. I’m not a vegan – I don’t eat meat or dairy, but I still eat eggs and honey – but when we went camping a couple of weeks ago, I challenged myself to go full-on vegan with my food. Leaving honey out was easy, but I had been relying on eggs for breakfast – so I had to come up with a few new ideas.

Oatstanding Overnight Oats

My three favorite vegan camping breakfasts are oats (hot and cold), muesli, and tofu scrambles. The perfect vegan camping breakfast? Oatmeal! You already know oatmeal makes a rib-sticking breakfast – and it really is great for camping, especially vegan style. We cook up a big batch in a pot on our camp stove and serve it up with a selection of hearty toppings – nuts, seeds, dried fruits, fresh fruit, you name it. Even easier? Prepping several jars of overnight oats and keeping them in the ice chest for instant breakfast! Overnight oats are so easy – basically, you mix equal amounts of oats with your favorite milk (I use Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Milk) and whatever else you’d like in there. Refrigerate for a few hours and voila! Instant breakfast. I love taking overnight oats camping, especially during warm summer months. It makes for a satisfying and delicious breakfast with no prep and one dish (well, jar) and spoon to wash – so easy.

Marvelous Muesli

I sang the praises of muesli last month, and heck if I’m backing down now! With oats and other grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, muesli – along with your favorite nut milk and a sprinkling of fresh fruit – makes for a hearty, healthy, and super-easy camping breakfast. You can make your own muesli before your trip and pack it in an airtight container, or simply grab a bag from the store. Either way, it’s a fuss-free camping breakfast that’ll keep you fueled for all your outdoor adventures.

Tantalizing Tofu Scrambles

I whipped up a couple of tofu scrambles during our last camping trip and I’ve gotta say, I’m sold. You can prep and season your tofu beforehand and keep it in an airtight container, or just do what I did and mash your tofu with a fork and add seasonings at the campsite (I cook mine on a cast-iron skillet over the campstove). It’s a delicious, protein-packed breakfast that’s endlessly customizable. Toss in some veggies, salsa, or even a sprinkle of vegan cheese for a heartier meal.

No more boring bowls of cereal or granola bars for this camper! With these tasty and diverse vegan breakfast options, I’m excited to fuel up for a day of hiking, fishing, and soaking in the breathtaking views at Loch Ness Shores. Isn’t that what camping is all about – good food, good company, and good times in the great outdoors? I can’t wait to see what other culinary adventures await on our next camping trip.

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